U.S.-based Canadian cellist George Crotty has forged his own unique vocabulary on his instrument, filtering inquisitive eclecticism through a vibrant sonic imagination. Expanding outward from the cello's intrinsic lyricism, he introduces nimble fiddle-derived chording and ornamentation, the agile one-finger gestures of Indian classical music, adapted electric guitar manoeuvres, and the bold and varied articulations of jazz bass.  

The Toronto native's expressive fluidity and modal orientation owes much to his immersion in various musical forms. Following his graduation from the eminent Berklee College of Music, he's joined a number of ensembles such as the Canadian Arabic Orchestra, and New York's Brooklyn Raga Massive and collaborated with the likes of Darol Anger, Simon Shaheen, Paquito D'Rivera and Anat Cohen.

Crotty has recently released the recording Four String Nomad which showcases his both his performative prowess and refined compositional sensibility. Although its constituent material was recorded and debuted in Brooklyn, the project itself was conceived in Toronto and reflects the city's influence. In addition to its widely noted cultural diversity, Toronto's creative community has long been the catalyst for stealthily individual ideas, and seamless but seemingly outlandish fusions of style. Crotty's ethos and sound exhibit these traits, unfolding  with pluralistic exuberance but also the pensive determination one associates with his instrument.

George Crotty plays a CR Electric Cello made by Ned Steinberger, and endorses Remic Microphones.